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  • Adolfo Suárez

    Natalie Portman y Clive Owen en “Closer”, 2004

  • Rob Martinez

    "Closer" movie still, 2004. L to R: Natalie Portman, Clive Owen.

  • Gabriella Pardo

    {Natalie Portman and Clive Owen... Both of them would be in my top 5 for fave actors... They both possess a certain depth and sexiness about them... Whatever it is, I like it.} #NataliePortman

  • Meika J

    Closerall time favorite movie!!!!!

  • Tinashe Mudzwiti

    Alice (Natalie Portman) moonlights in a strip joint where she encounters Larry (Clive Owen). Their respective relationships with Dan (Jude Law) and Anna (Julia Roberts) are the center of this dramatic exploration of love and deceit.

  • Maurício Ernesaks


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