DIY Jet Pack - omg cutest thing ever!

DIY jet pack

Jellyfish costume

Lego costume. Just paint cardboard box and add Solo cups!

sew a DIY dinosaur (dino) tail

This way fun for adults, too!

Noodle Light Sabers - made with duct tape

Introduce gardening to your kids with this fun and safe DIY felt garden craft.

Family drive in movie night. What a fun idea!

How fun is this!! Wish it was still summer just so we could do this!

Big box town!

Cardboard Dino Head

dino tail. Totally awesome!

12 Coolest DIY Crafts for Boys

tire rocker

Amazing.. I can't believe I've been throwing out all my old markers! I am SO doing this.

How to make a jet pack costume

DIY Throwing Tarp. Fun game!!! Take a tarp, cut some squares, tape the cuts, use a marker to designate points, hang with ropes & play ball.

baby cheapskate

Things to keep in mind for later...

time-out jar