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random acts of cookies by shimtokk and not without idea plus awesome for neighbors, friends, teachers, small group, etc. love it.

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. Perfect for Me & Boys Who started the Heartful Gifts for Jesus last year :)

Random Acts of Kindness ... quarters in all of the machines at the front of a store

Yes..We all try and practice Kindness every day, but this is an opportunity to focus on reaching out, and helping those we would not normally. An opportunity to join an event that can change your c...

26 random acts of kindness > favourite: "Let my 4-year-old pick a car to leave flowers on at Walgreens."

Random acts of kindness -- flowers with notes, attach to car door handles, leave in random places (at library desk, a counter where someone works, etc.) & hand out to people too

Random Acts of Kindness Quotes | ... to mention that it’s the second day of Random Acts of Kindness Week

marketing ideas, client gift ideas, coffee gifts

I love this client gift that has no relation to #photography. Find out who your #clients are, and make the #gift meaningful.