Love this idea...each anniversary, take a picture holding last year's photo.

Love this idea of daughters!

Hahahahahaha...For anyone who is EVER getting married - this site has AMAZING photo ideas!!

Most. Awesome. Proposal. EVER. Let her see the photo at the bottom of the ride! SCARY BUT AWESOME

stunning. would love to have a picture like this with my husband one day & hang it in my bathroom

On our anniversary we hold a picture from the year before.

In love with this!

cute ideas!!

5 year anniversary Thinking of doing a remake of one of our wedding pictures this year for our 15 year anniversay

Wow. How gorgeous is this cushion cut ring?

Anniversary idea--take a pic of the couple holding a photo from their wedding! This couple is celebrating their 50th this year!

Wedding Pictures

Cute idea!!

wedding picture

Gift idea


Savannah, Georgia 10 year wedding anniversary photo shoot with photo prop

cute 'mrs' mason jar

family beach footprints with the year. great way to remember a vacation.