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    DIY tiki torch wine bottles that look pretty and keep the mosquitoes away.



    • ✭Veronica Sites✭

      Reuse your empty wine bottles by making mosquito-combating tiki torches with them. #winebottle #recycling #mosquito #repellent

    • Ashley Marie

      Keep the bugs away in a classy fashion! 1 empty and cleaned wine bottle 1 Tiki Torch wick refill (thick) Tiki Torch citronella fuel 3/8" metal washer (or adjust washer size if bottle opening is larger/smaller) Decorative glass rocks or beads of your choice (optional) *small enough to fit in bottle opening - Click image to find more DIY Crafts Pinterest pins

    • Julie Shampine Sanderson

      Reuse your empty wine bottles by making mosquito-combating tiki torches with them. Idea for all the glass bottles we save...

    • The Big A Word

      Reuse your empty wine bottles by making mosquito-combating tiki torches with them. Fill ‘em with citronella oil. How to here | Backyard hack

    • Kathy Feast

      Wine Bottle Tiki Torchs from When Pigs Fly: DIY: Wine Bottle Torches. Because I alway have plenty of empty wine bottles!

    • Michele Brodeur Battista

      Wine Bottle Torches.... I have lots of empty wine bottles... Te he he! Dad just did this with beer bottles in tiki torch stands!

    • Melba Pittman

      Tiki Torch Decorative Lighting by ashlyallyn on Etsy, $14.95 easy to DIY - Outdoor Ideas

    • Tony Ashmore

      Because goodness knows I have my share of empty wine bottles... Wine Bottle Torches - wine bottle, Tiki Torch wick refill, Tiki Torch lamp oil, 3/8" metal washer, Decorative glass rocks or beads (optional) *able to fit in bottle Place decorative rocks/beads in bottle. The more you have, the less oil you will need to use. Feed wick through opening of washer, leaving about 1/4-inch sticking out. Pour oil into bottle using a funnel, enough to cover half of the wick. Feed longer side of wick into bottle. Light top wick & enjoy!

    • Dana Polzin

      DIY wine bottle tiki torches using citronella torch fuel~keeps the bugs away too

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