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    Oh, the Internet and its memes. You cannot stop them. About a year ago, Sir Ian McKellen took part in a Stonewall protest march in London. He was protesting against the pope's visit to Britain and ...
    September 29, 2011
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    And this is why I love Harrison Ford.

    Harrison Ford, 1978

    Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford

    I love this guy

    ...(These) Shirts.

    That one guy...

    This guy, I like this guy

    Harrison Ford being a boss.

    Ian McKellen.

    hahaaa....MIND BLOWN. I never thought of that!!!


    Love this guy! Still crushing on him! "I'm Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Blade Runner. I'm fuckin' over it! " - Harisson Ford

    Your argument is invalid!



    Will Ferrell

    No we don't need this you idiots! Think of the germs! Think of the amount of oil build up! Think of the random people's saliva just all smeared into one lovely surface that you would then willing put your face on purely for a free coke! Um no thank you. And I don't even like coke with out alcohol. If that thing starts spitting out jack and cokes then give me a call...

    That's a good idea. I wasn't too sure if I should put this on my "funny" board or the "DIY" board, lol.

    dance biscuits.... If you haven't seen this SNL skit you are missing out. I wind up laughing so hard I cry every time I watch it...