deer-shaped pylons concept by DesignDepot

Icelandic Powerlines

Turn around!!!!!I like the mouth. It looks like the mouth is eating the cars and the road. It's a scary person and I like it's beard and I like it's eyes that looks like they are popping out.

Tomohiro Inaba. Iron / wire sculpture.

The works on show at London´s "Carpenters Workshop Gallery" make the boundary between art, design and crafts somewhat blurred. In which discipline is the Spaghetti Bench by French-Argentine artist and designer Pablo Reinoso?

Salvador Dali walking his anteater.

my dear gear

Deer sculpture made completely of glass.

A deer who decided to come for a visit. | 41 Pictures You Need To See Before The Universe Ends THIS KILLS ME AHAHAHA

For all of you who dodged great feats and found yourself over winter with family on hillsides snuggling and holding steady for spring thaw... You are the keepers of the woods, great spirits...

embroidered street art


ANN HAMILTON, "THE EVENT OF A THREAD" INSTALLATION NYC, at the wade thompson drill hall, park avenue armory.

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shadow art. coool.

Packing Tape Spiderweb Installation

Folk Lodge Collection. © Michael Mullan.

Pedestrian Crossing in China Turns Footsteps Into Leaves…what a creative idea!! This is something that we should try here in Austin.