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Lord Of The Rings Litter Box


Good gravy, will the new gorgeous Thranduil photos ever stop appearing? ♥

My what a guy.

"Aragorn, there was a reason we were using Elvish..." lol! I've always thought that!!! Way to freak out the others ha

When he got lost and somehow wound up in this shot. | 13 Times Background Legolas Was The Most Important Part Of "The Lord Of The Rings" Movies

Bag End as a dollhouse

The Hobbit Bar in New Zealand.

PO-TAY-TOES Cooking with Sam and Smeagol, one of my favorite scenes in all of Lord Of The Rings #LOTR

Best. Parent. Ever.

oh bilbo

that hair tho

Elrond's To-Do List. At the top, centuries ago, should have been "take the chance to toss the Ring into Mt Doom while I'm there"



Stephen Colbert is King of the Geeks



Hipster lotr

Problems Filming Lord Of The Rings

EXACTLY. there is such a thing as platonic friendships. they can be stronger than anything too.

They really are

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