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I wasn't awake and I wasn't asleep. I was somewhere in between, the light slanting through my eyes making me think I was in a bed of cloud and comfort.

Good morning my love!!!! Would love to be laying beside you this morning and turn over to kiss you before we get ready... I hope you have a good day!! I love you!!

Ascoltare il tuo cuore prima di addormentarmi..lasciarmi cullare dolcemente dal tuo respiro e dai tuoi battiti......e sentirmi al sicuro dal mondo,tra le tue braccia.

However, it is also true that jobs, which is a kind of enslavement for modern man, creates of its own accord, distractions of the mind, and even a consumption of the mind, which the dark forces use to create depression, or confusion, or discouragement, or any other manner of emotions which may be used against God's Children.(f2 of 2)

(Chapter 40) Geoffrey and Naomi Austin: The head priest and head priestess for the Serelath cult. They have one daughter, Melissa Austin, who is their second in command. Geoffrey's family has owned the private island for generations. The island is stationed over the resting place of Serelath; a giant sea monster. The cult wish to release him. Naomi is a skilled witch and the headmistress of Melissa's high school. Naomi is mysterious yet stunning woman. Geoffrey is a frightening figure.

“Marriage cannot be confined to the needs or wants of another (Even though that is one aspect of marriage), marriage is the covenant of two broken people coming before their God and realizing His true intent on their lives. It is the coming together of two souls looking at their creator and being joined with Him. We can hold the hand of our spouse but ultimately our eyes must be upon our savior.” — (via laurenstaud)

Max Wanger - Tempo da Delicadeza | Le Couple, visit

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives: Be kind anyway. -Mother Theresa

love the setting by K-Lee