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Refreshingly confident nails. This colour is always big AW, so get in line first and done some electric blue claws.....x

"Honey-colored skin, flaxen hair... spun from gold, she was, burnished and sleek like a treasure plundered from a Spanish galleon. And the pirate in him had never been able to resist the lure of gold." ~RUN WILD by bestselling author Shelly Thacker

JULEP "Anne". original pinner: This colour makes me happier than a bird with a french fry.

Wow--- do I really want to learn to do this some day.

China Glaze - Recycle (china glaze can take the walk, but this color is gorgeous)

Almost makes us wish fall was here already so we could wear this perfect plum shade!

Id die if I could have this long of hair that would hold a curl this good!

"Changing your appearance all the time is a sign of self-doubt." Fia told the dark princess, hoping that her remark would cause her façade of confidence would crumble. It didn't, Raena was as radiant as ever. How annoying.

Real Dark Hair I think this is what I had in mind when we were talking about brunette hair on you, I'm trying to picture your face to see if the hair color is compatible with it but for some reason I can't get an image of you =(

If my hair could do this (if I could learn to do this with my hair) I'd cut it like this! I also LOVE the color, but I could never go red