I love this book so much! 2012 favorite!

good book

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Wonderfully written - so many truisms


A beautiful, haunting, tragic, and extremely powerful book that is filled with unforgettable characters (including a very unique narrator). Want to read

Great book

on my to read list - I've heard great things


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still want to read this. Is it any good?

Need to put on my list !

Old Books

9 Fairy Tales For Adults That Are WAY Better Than Disney // love the night circus! highly recommend


What an amazing book! I didn't want it to end. If you're a certain kind of adult who like The Hunger Games or perhaps Harry Potter, you should read this book. It's emphatically not a children's book, but it has some of the same sense of creativity and wonder as the early Harry Potter books, and some of the same types of conflict as The Hunger Games. Great book!



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