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Ten and Movies Totally Inspiring Accessories Trends Today: Sixteen Candles - Bold Earrings

John Bender in Breakfast Club, played by Judd Nelson. I can't help but love the bad boy!

Movie Inspiration: Fashion Inspired by The Breakfast Club

Now that you have that coveted Swatch watch, it's time to protect it with a Swatch watch guard that came in a variety of colors.

Swatch Watch with the face guard! I had a different face guard for just about every outfit.

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Banana clips The '80s were a crazy time for hair, so it's no surprise that a toothy, banana-shaped clip (hence the name) was a crazy-popular accessory. The (usually neon) clip allowed you to collect all your hair into a high, horselike mane. Maybe to emulate My Little Pony?

21 Beauty Products That Every '80s Kid Remembers

Banana Clips THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVES from the if i i could find some banana clips i would still wear them! I loved my hair banana clipped! And crimped hair!

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

MTV and the original veejays. I was introduced to punk, Brit, and alternative music. The veejays would  educate us on music history. MTV during the early 80's was at it's best.

MTV and the original veejays. MTV during the early was at it's best. When Mtv played music .