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Oh the endless possibilities!! Dip-Dyed Candles - Martha Stewart Crafts by Technique

Want more color in your home but are afraid of going too bold? We've got the answer -- 18 go-with-everything, paint-anything, put-anywhere hues and projects that will work in any room. The equation: Color plus neutral equals superneutral. Inspired by nature, these new neutrals are our new favorites, and they just might be yours as well.

Dip dyeing - you can dip dye a white shirt with blue dye...the pretty part that makes the ombre is called wicking, where the colour "creeps up" the garment part you are dyeing...also think about dip dyeing a pale plaid with one of the colours in the plaid...also a very cool effect

When dipped in paint, rustic baskets become thoroughly modern carryalls that look as if they came straight out of a design shop. If you don't have enough paint to dip large baskets, use a foam brush to apply the paint instead. How to Dip-Dye with Paint

Love the paint dip trend on anything and everything

Mon carnet: do it yourself

DIY dip dye t-shirt I make my son a few custom items to go with his back to school clothes, I think this would be a nice addition.

Free Martha Stewart kitchen measurement guides to print out and put in your kitchen

See the "Dip-Dyed Baskets" in our Painting Crafts gallery - something to do with all those baskets we have?

cute felt box. took me about 5 minutes to make 2 out of felt and hot glue. recommend getting larger than 9" in diameter, though (i.e. get a larger cut from a bolt)