cant tell you how many times i heard from my mom "wait til you have your own...." here I am 2 kiddos later thinking the saaaaaaame thing ;)

Ha Ha! Funny! LOL! // The self checkout lane was invented by a man who was sent to the store to buy tampons.

haha true

so true!

I don't think you understand how these hormones work... you're gonna make me do something that'll end up on the news.

lol - true.

I am about to show you what happens when you screw with one of my kids. You should probably brace yourself, this is going to hurt.



Lol!.. Sometimes I feel this way!


Hahaha...I would never attempt that stupid dance, but I would tell them this.


What's that? You're having a baby? Congratulations...I'm going to continue enjoying sleeping through the night and spending my money on myself | Baby Ecard


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 44 Pics

So true!

had to laugh

Lmao!! omg to funny

This. Along with "helping" them with their projects for school.

Funny I know some like this!