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The Best Free Summer

The Best Free Summer Fonts. I'm liking that "DOODLEISTA". Tall and slim trendy but also imperfect.

12 Free Handwritten Fonts

12 Free Handwritten Fonts

12 Free Handwritten Fonts - A Little Known Craft - Peach Sundress is one of my all time faves :)

some GREAT fonts from Ashley @ the handmade home + they are all free and she includes the download links.

25 fun & free fonts for the self-proclaimed font snob (from Ashley @ the handmade home)

Fonts for Free

Free Fonts


25 Free Crafty Fonts Sketch Serif l Simon Script l 123 Sketch l Cutie Patootie l The Skinny lPacifico l Amatic l Mossy l Autumn l Denne Milk Tea l Singer Mears l Janda Snickerdoodle l Pastel Feathers.

FREE Disney Fonts! Make your own party invitations, party labels and more for your next Disney party!  Just download and use, easy!

Free Disney Font, perfect for craft projects or DIY decor for a Disney themed birthday party.