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'Letter Identification Blackout' - roll one dice at a time (one dice with capital letters, the other lower-case)  counters (or bottle tops) to blackout the matching letter.

Preschool Co-op Week 9 - Friendship Theme

Letter Identification Game, "Blackout" or playing it out like bingo when saying a letter (capitalized or not) and student puts a button or a penny on top of the corresponding spot on the chart

Alphabet Book

Make an ABC collage book with your child--great idea! Site goes to Fisher Price, but picture gives enough of idea to do.

Letter of the Week. Crafts for every letter of the alphabet!

Letter of the Week: Letter Q

Free printable (pdf file) ABC Playdough Mats.  Print out and then laminate, and have child make Play-Doh "snakes" to form letters, then trace letters with their finger. I would recommend printing the cards two to a sheet so that the letters are smaller and less overwhelming to build.

Free printable alphabet play-dough mats for every letter of the alphabet, great fine motor activity, preschool, kindergarten, special needs.