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I will have a magazine and wine party with Kristin Wiig before I die. fact.

hahaha. And then I think, "mmmm... better not."

Grand Theft Auto By Kristen Wiig... My favorite part of the movie...

Hahah I am obsessed with this movie, and the part when she drove by in the mini van with all of the puppies

14 Reasons Why You Should Love Rebel Wilson

haha....Awwww...the Griswalds! @Aaron Williams I think we need a Christmas movie marathon with Chelsea!

Even though we thought it was Vivianne for a good long while, this is still the number one best Bridesmaid quote of all time @Taylor Ballard

Me every time I have to drive anywhere....or out in public behind slow walkers

Bridesmaids-Jen, Katelyn and Cathy-remember this. Havn't laughed so hard in a while.