haiku... The most perfect one ever. Yes.

Every time...

Workout make health cupcakes, in your pintrest inspired kitchen with your pintrest inspired crafts and home. :)


when you live with Fibromyalgia, seriously, you should feel pretty special!!

for mom @Maureen Cox White

I just died

Or, anywhere but there!

This made me laugh:)

Monday Ecard: It's days like today that make me wish they made a Flintstone's Chewable Morphine.

So true.

Story of my life



Hear, Hear//

what if my favorite thing to do is nothing?

The story of my life

So true!☺

I Don't Like Morning People or Mornings or People T shirt. Funny Tee. Customized T-shirt.

This is so true for me! I guess it's not a bad thing. Think before you speak.