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    • Niamh Brewer

      Went to the bank to open a joint account. They asked, With Whom? I said Who ever has the most money.

    • Sarah barnes

      I love having a joint bank account with my fiance. We have so much trust that neither of us will spend all the money and we always tell each other what we're thinking of buyin and whats been bought. I love it, thank you for trusting me Clarke :) love you babe xxxxxxx

    • Myra Walls

      Joint bank account with who ever has the most money.

    • Ashley Bird-Rush

      joint bank account #ecards bahahahahahahaha

    • Janice Sciscento


    • Stephany Pizzi

      joint bank account #ecards 😂

    • Clemmie Pok

      Art I wish! funny-stuff

    • Kathleen Petrie

      Hahaha bank humor

    • Bex

      Funny ecard

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