bucket list: celebrate st. patrick's day in ireland. Mainly because my birthday is St. patricks day. :)

Angelina Jolie #angelinajolie #actress #celebreties #sexy

There are no words to describe one of the best loves stories of all time. Love, love, love this movie! If you're a hopeless romantic like me, grab a box of tissues and prepare for a truly amazing story.

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Walk on the Great Wall of China - this is my sweetie's dream...not so sure on my part, but I'm willing to try! Bucket List. Before I die.

I've been snorkeling in Hawaii- but never been scuba diving. You see... I am kind of TERRIFIED of the ocean and every thing that lives there

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would <3 this

bucketlist: break out of your comfort zone (kind of the same thing as doing something that scares you, but it could be different)

Bucket list: Sleep on the beach <3

bucket list

bucket list | before I die | love lock bridge | Paris! iv seen this happen in many movies actually want to do this myself with the one i love.

bucket list.

Bucket List

Bucket List

bucket list

Bucket list!

I don’t think this is correct grammar?? Be fluent in French or Speak fluent French. Either way, I want to learn French!! :)

Is volunteering at an animal shelter on your bucket list?! Then get pumped for our Pics for Pets campaign coming up!! I will be working in August!

Want to see where my moms family came from...Sicilian at heart #Bucket_List #Before_I_Die