Grey's Anatomy <3. This is true of me and my bff

13 Signs You've Found Your "Person" | The Odyssey


Grey's Anatomy//

Hoes over bros

It's true! : Danielle "Let me list for you my boyfriends --> Paulie. Jimmy John's guy. Baby Thor. Beau the Cougar Cub. Guy Who Is My Pinterest. Dirty Blondie Boy. Hot Jesus. James Neal, my ex. Tom Hiddleston. Zefron. And many more..." except baby Thor could be a lot of people, and Beau is only a year younger then you, not quite cougar cub material XD

yes, I totally do!


Shes my person :) I will miss Christina. what will Mer do?

some might even say the very best of friends


Doctor Grey Isn't Mean, She's Strong. -Owen


Anniversaries aren't just for lovers anymore. Raise your glass and celebrate the date you met the most important person in your life — your BFF.

BAM!! True however I have found that sometimes the person(s) who you think would take a bullet for you are actually the one(s) using you as a human shield to protect themselves!

Leah...for sure!

Dani and I!

Grey's Anatomy :)