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"I'd like this many hazelnuts please!" [A *red squirrel* waits to be hand fed at the British Wildlife Centre near Lingfield, Surrey in the United Kingdom. One of over 15 in a walk-through enclosure, these particular squirrels are very tame and their antics provide infinite amusement.]~[Photographer Ian Rentoul - 2011]'h4d'121103

Let me see... No I wanna see... But I was here first..❤️ ❤️

Thirsty squirrel drinking condensation on house window - (CC)David Grant (seizethedave) -

This image makes use of a deep depth of field and focus on the chipmunk. This place emphasis on the chipmunk. The blur up front creates a feeling of space in front of the chipmunk. A quick shutter speed along with this picture makes the chipmunk look still.

- Animal -> Por: Angel Catalán Rocher! CLICK -> <- Sígueme!

We always has these around mom's bird feeder. Always pigs. There was a .22 in the house for target practice. It was mean. But it is a memory of my father and brother, that are no longer with me.

Ode to BT....Though you have strayed away from here, in my heart you are forever near. I think of you each day and wonder why you have gone away. I'll always save some nuts for you, just in case you return in a day or two. I miss you little BT.

squirrel - oh I love your furry little ears!

♪♫♪♪ At first I was afraid, I was petrified...

Dance lets dance happy weekend

Cross my heart - if you put out the nuts, I'll only take one ...