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a little bird told me ❤ your daily message from the Brave Girls Club

"A lot of big things are going to happen over the next month one way or another. I don't know which way. And the biggest thing is that I'm okay with that." Trust the timing of your life. A Brave New Adventure blog: Trust is a fickle little thing

Be brave little one!! Check out how adorable this big guy is - here is sweet baby Jaxon on the day he graduated to room air! Go Jaxon Go! Stay tuned - coming up soon I'll share JoifulJellyBeans' fantastic vlog (video blog) about her experience with preemie twins in New Zealand. They're Every Tiny Thing Brand Reps and here's a sweet pic of just how cute his crib is with his You can get yours (for your own NICU baby or as a gift) by following the link in our bio.

from Ashley Beaudin

The Ache of Being a Visionary

I remember the first time I felt passion consume my insides. I grew up feeling like I was just this shy girl who never really had much to say and that, that is all that I would become. I thought that there would never be a place for me where I felt like I truly belonged and that I would just be a girl for the sidelines. Little did I know that believing that was cheating me from my purpose and potential.  It wasn't until I had an experience of being loved that I began to really come…

from Little Girl Designs

Be Brave: Creative Courage for the Artist

How to Be Brave as an Artist - it takes courage to follow your creative dreams and to share your work with others. I'm sharing some tips that I've learned (and am learning) in growing in courage as an artist.