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Sorry for the colorful word, but this is seriously one of my favorite scenes from Friends ever.

Purely for the picture frame over the peephole. Forgot about this and doing it this wknd!

I know you're my best friend because I can just give you a look like, "Do you believe this shit?" and you won't say anything, but later you'll be like, "That shit was ridiculous."

Reminder: your girlfriends will probably outlive your husband. So find good ones.

Haha =) Julie DeCoria Brittney Watson Stefani Dickman

True friends :) You know who you are...hahaha

Yes, we are aware of how obnoxious we are when we are together. No, we dont care. Karina Paje C

Makes me smile. I want to be this kind of old lady.....with my quilting friends don't you #verymerrymodachristmas