hipster potter and the chamber of underground music haha

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Harry Potter fun facts.

Hipster Harry Potter characters. Haha not gonna lie.. I kinda dig this illustration :)

Airplane reference. I dig

*viria13. Not sure what her real name is, but this girl does some gorgeous fan art! I love this rendition of Harry, Hermione and Ron. Her color choices are lovely and she captures the personality of each character in their eyes. Check out her modern/hipster princesses too! Belle and Mulan are SO me!

Harry Potter Casts Quotes

Best pic ever: my 3 fave characters in my fave city, plus, Amy looks like Ginny Potter ;)

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True Love for me... forever.. in my heart...

Harry Potter after Hogwarts

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The Golden Trio

harry potter

Harry Potter cast

Harry and Sirius

marauder's profiles by *viria13 Sirius, James, Remus ... no one will ever make me consider Peter as a marauder. I didn't want to draw him, sorry.

Harry Potter and my life.

Reminds me of the Simon twins, Felix and Cecil