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  • Rhian Non

    St.Panteleimon, Kiev, Ukraine. The Cathedral of St. Panteleimon is a large Eastern Orthodox cathedral in the Kievan neighborhood of Theophania. It was closed for worship and thoroughly looted in the 1920's and was damaged in World War II. The hollow shell of the church was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church in 1990's and has been restored as the main church of a nunnery.

  • Weathertight Roofing

    St. Panteleimon’s Cathedral, Kiev, Ukraine - or St. Pantaleona is a large Eastern Orthodox cathedral in Kiev and is considered a high point in Russian Revival ecclesiastical architecture. It was built by Yevgeny Yermakov between 1905 and 1912. The building is pentacupolar, with the massive black central dome and the four tent-like domes on the corners, as well as low galleries which run continuously around the building. #church #churchbuilding #churches #churcharchitecture #sanctuary #roofer #roofing #rooferhemet #hemet

  • Jimmie McBroom

    The Cathedral Of St. Pantaleon, Kyiv, Ukraine.

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St. Panteleimon, Kiev, Ukraine

St. Panteleimon, Kiev, Ukraine. Read more travel stories on our blog and social media: Travel Rumors.