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Happily taken...& very much in love.

i love you, you might not always be the most perfect guy in the world...but hey, I'm not perfect either ;) we might have arguments and disagree but just know @ the end of the day I'm not going anywhere. You're the first person to ever tell me to have faith and to follow my heart. You let me be me! ♥ thank you for taking me as I am!

Makes me smile :)

My little boy 💙

I have looked at you in million of ways and I have loved you in each.


You are the guy all my love quotes are about, you are my love, my everything; and I'll love you forever. ♥

Introduced my cat to popsicles... - The Meta Picture

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Thank you Lord for this unconditional love you've placed in my heart for this man. Nothing or no one can change that

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Wanted you Around.

So true.

My favorite thing

709- it's impossible that you love me more. I can't even describe how much more I love you. I know I love you more. Please come see me this morning. I'm ok with a quick kiss. 721 -If you're wondering I'm at GW already. 725 - I'm coming. This morning same as others though. Don't hate me for so quick? 728- I can never hate you. You're going out of your way. Thank you

Yes. And right now, I crave you more than ever. I miss you so much, it's all I can think about--you are all I can think about--not like that's anything new. But I hate the long distance--sometimes I miss you so much it hurts. I love you so so very much.


These words would be life changing. I pray to God to maybe hear and experience this.

so true

He's more than perfect! And he's mine

My babies

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