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    Inspirational for ongoing graphic designing...

    a surreal image made even more so by the contrast between color and achromatic imagery

    (Elf from Selfoss) ~ Álfur frá Selfossi (Herd 2) by Gígja Einars.. on Flickr*

    Tutorial/Walk Through - sketching a horse head by AgerskovArt.devia... on deviantART

    Love the world, love art, love to color...Give some color to your life, your world, and live your life

    Colour - is the most unifying element we use and falls into three basic areas of study: 1. Colour Mixing 2. Colour Organisation 3. Colour Psychology

    Painting . . . not for some great masterpiece, but just for the fun of playing with the colors!!

    Although pink is not really in a true rainbow...It's in my rainbow....

    Creative Giants - Edwin Binney Though it was Edwin's creative vision to produce crayons as cheap artists' supplies for children, it was Edwin's wife, Alice, who combined two French words to come up with the name "Crayola" - Life after Art