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  • Chrisann Corrigall

    When my mum was a teenager she went to see this film in the cinema 15 times think she liked it😉

  • Ali

    Jeff Conaway, Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta and Stockard Channing from the film Greas

  • Claire Richie

    Boys, Books, and Magic

  • Lilly Halliwell

    GREASE Olivia Newton John's development from 'good Sandy' to 'bad Sandy' is one of film's most iconic transformations - her character's wholesome 1950s full skirts, fitted sweaters and cheearleader pom-poms were replaced by killer red mules and a skin-tight black catsuit for the infamous final scene. FACT: When we say skin-tight, we mean it - Newton John was famously sewn in to the outfit on-set.

  • Jackie Duff

    Grease my son's favorite movie when he was young - he watched it so much he could repeat everyone s part without fail.

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Pq cuando te toque la primera vez; fue suficiente para quererlo hacer para siempre. OB

*BETTY RIZZO* (Grease) I don't steal and I don't lie / But I can feel and I can cry / A fact I bet you never knew / But to cry in front of you / That's the worst thing I could do.

Feel like this when I'm out wit my friend. Hiding from everyone.. he is just like Danny!! Afraid on what they would say.

Danny and Sandy ♥ this movie ... I totally should've been born in the 50s

Grease - The T-Birds

Grease is the word, its got groove

Grease paved the road for me to the ultimate rebellion...with song! Thinking back to the first time I saw this movie (which was probably too young) I remember thinking that I was Sandra Dee and singing my heart out, being as dramatic as ever!

Everyone's favourite scene in Grease when Olivia Newton John wows John Travolta with her stunning transformation!

Everybody knows grease but although the movie came out in the 70's, it was based on the super populair musical from the 50's

Grease is the word! I have seen this movie more than any other movie and never tire of it!!!!!!!!!!!! the word, is the word. Yes. Yes it dang-well is! one of my all time favourite movies as a child, until i watched it a few weeks ago i hadn't realised that its actually a rather inappropriate movie for someone of my then (years ago) age to love, oh well.

grease :) another M movie must because she should never change who she is for a guy even Danny