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http://www.hcgrevival.com/fat-inication-of-america/ Did you know that America went from having no States with MORE than a 15% obesity rate to no State having LESS than a 20% obesity rate in less than 20 years? And it gets worse...some States skyrocketed past 30% obese. More fun facts on the full size version, click to learn more.

Obesity in America.

Obesity in America

HCG diet lemon soup

"...in America... the combined share of overweight and obese residents is now well over 60 percent, ranking first among 22 nations..." This is scary.

Love this idea! It's a motivation wall for working out. Grab quotes, diet plans, anything and post it up to keep motivated! #coolideas #motivation #inspiration

1812 red check 1 by Sugarloaf Doll Clothes, via Flickr

Easy Marbelized Ornaments by alisaburke - Fill a container with about 2-3" of water - mist the surface of the water with spray paint (outside!) - Add more colors - Let the colors blend together, shake or even stir to create swirls - Dip ornament & quickly remove. This tutorial is really for marbelizing paper, but you can use the same process on ornaments, and the color will dry to a permanent finish that won't peel or flake off.

Schlaf (Sleep)

Christmas project?


Elsie Dinsmore 1 by Pennelainer, via Flickr

DIY burpcloth, great gifts for baby showers

HoMeMaDe 409 ReCiPe ___2 TaBLeSPooNS DiSTiLLeD WHiTE ViNeGAR 1 TEASPooN BoRaX 1 Cup HoT WaTER 1/8 Cup DaWN DiSH SOaP 16 oz SPRaY BoTTLE ESseNTiaL OiL (optional for scent) Pour Vinegar, Borax & Hot Water in Spray Bottle to Mix. Continue Filling Bottle with CooL WaTeR. Add Dawn last (no need to shake). Add Oil as desired ___from Frugal Girls

Christmas: vintage paper trees- made from a half circle.

I just love these little Babushka dolls

Recycled Crafts for Kids ~ lots of fun ideas!

10 Paint Secrets (PART THREE!): what you never knew about paint!

Sort out your closet


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