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Explore Version Click, Inforgraphic, and more! Did you know that America went from having no States with MORE than a 15% obesity rate to no State having LESS than a 20% obesity rate in less than 20 years? And it gets worse...some States skyrocketed past 30% obese. More fun facts on the full size version, click to learn more.

Easy Marbelized Ornaments by alisaburke - Fill a container with about 2-3" of water - mist the surface of the water with spray paint (outside!) - Add more colors - Let the colors blend together, shake or even stir to create swirls - Dip ornament & quickly remove. This tutorial is really for marbelizing paper, but you can use the same process on ornaments, and the color will dry to a permanent finish that won't peel or flake off.