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Animals are not slaves! They NEVER have been, and they NEVER will be. Let's stop acting like they are slaves.

Yes they feel love and pain. Though they cant speak out loud our words, they need our help.

Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored. ~Alice Walker

Amazing Andrew! Many guys like him so ladies no need to ever consider a low-life hillbilly, redneck, impotent loser that hunts to prove his manhood. That only proves he likes to kill.

Fight for Animal Rights - its hard, but you may just find your soul

Do You Ever Get Lonely? In fact, they deal with intense loneliness for years, then they go insane and you get to see the results on the news. If you go to the zoo or to waterparks, you are the reason they live enslaved lonely lives.

Facts: 1 .Of the approximately 2-million animals officially reported killed each year by the Canadian fur industry, about half are raised on factory farms. Foxes and minks make up the vast majority, with other targeted species including chinchillas, nutrias, rabbits and raccoons. 2. Each year worldwide, over 40 million animals are killed for the fur industry – 2 million of them in Canada. According to the industry, the majority of the animals killed are used for fur trim 3. There are...

Loud for Animals - As the guardians of this world, how can we allow others to fail in that job so miserably?

I may not change the world but I will save at least a handful of lives and that's is worth it ♥

STOP declawing cats. It is cruel and painful. If you value your furniture more than a cat's comfort, do not adopt a cat. Cats should be considered part of the family, not an innaminate object.