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The Sharpener that all the teachers are talking about. It was even made by a teacher...The blog also has a description of her pencil management in her classroom, very clever!

A Cupcake for the Teacher: Meet the Pencil Police and Your New Best Friend. I love this. I went through 5 pencil sharpeners last year and I could never figure out who kept breaking them.

Hole punch for participation or outstanding contributions to discussions, questions asked if classmates, etc.

During communicative activities, punch holes in the papers of students that are off task or not in the target language. Easy to keep track of participation when you collect the papers! Or spin it so a hole punch is positive.

uBathroom sign out! OR ...could even serve as a place to "jot" teacher reminders at the door - so we don't forget! :-)

Bathroom sign out! Melamine plates that can be written on with dry erase marker and then wiped clean when the child returns. pom pom on the dry erase marker for an eraser.

Wish I would have found this last year.  All those needed docum. in one place.   Finding JOY in 6th Grade: Classroom Management: The Purple Clipboard

Finding JOY in Grade: Classroom Management: The Purple Clipboard. I wonder if this would be hard to maintain accurately all day, might work better in a middle/high school setting for periods than all day elem management. Like this idea.

Keep a Binder or Tub ready with all of your sub materials. Items could include emergency fire drill list, dismissal list, phone numbers of important people in the school, how to use the phone, computer log-in, important notes about students. Then all you have to do is add in your sub plans for the specific day you're out. Also, keep emergency sub plans in the back just in case you are unexpectedly out. If you use a tub, you can also place the materials needed for the lesson inside.

Sub Tub -- Possible things to include: A Welcome Binder (explaining the daily schedule, where things are in the room and anything the sub might need like computer log-in codes), emergency lesson ideas, great books, games and other activities to do!

Do you think 4 & 5 yrs will be able to get this?  It would save a lot of time........K-1 Teaching Besties: Tour Katie's Kindergarten Classroom

Teaching Besties: Tour Katie's Kindergarten Classroom--LOVE THIS! The kids "leave a message" for the teacher to hear later.

Classroom Communication Tools blog post & freebies!

Nonverbal hand signal poster, a small group STOP sign and more! Color and black and white included.

Hot glue ribbon to the back of journals to use as bookmarks. Great idea!

Hot glue ribbon to back cover of notebook to use as a bookmark in journals. - Great idea to help the kids stay on the correct page in their journals!

Corkboard Connections

Guest post by Greg Coleman from Mr. Elementary Math During my early years as a classroom teacher I felt that exit tickets were yet ano.

READING RAFFLES?!?!?  Why haven't I thought of that?!?  It sounds like a good use of Scholastic bonus points (beside buying class sets of clearanced books).

teacher holds "reading raffle" students enter their tickets in the bins with the book they most want to win. :} Tickets earned through behavior and responsibility. Hold the raffle once a month.