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But when I don't agree to disagree...usually means there's more to the story and I will not just sit back!

Quickest way to irritate a Libra: tell them you don't care, after all they sacrificed for you.


A Libra could have a 100 admirers, but that doesn't matter because when they have an eye on someone, they only have eyes for that one and only person. so no worries they remain loyal even if you don't see it

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Only misplaced in timing because they express the build up of little things. Zodiac Mind - Your source for Zodiac Facts

oh so true says she who is unwell due to doing too much!!!

Libras get sick largely because they suppress their inner most desires to please everyone else's. This frustration leads to illness.

...and then our own do in between

I love fiercely, and unintentionally. I'll figure out what form of expression that love will reveal later. I am patient.

For real... Ur ass will get cut off real quick

Libras don't like drama and will be quick to cut someone off for it. There won't be any debate; it will just be signed, sealed and delivered.