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Plastic-Bottle-Cap-Art garbage art ideas Mary ellen Croteau-Artist - reminded me of chuck close.

this art stood out to me because it was all made up of a rubix cube

Martin Luther King Jr. Portrait Created With 4,242 Rubik's Cubes

Here's a CLEVER CUBE! Rubik's Cube Art << This makes my head hurt tryin to figure out how it would work!

Dolls turned into masterpieces.

Funny pictures about Dolls Turned Into Masterpieces. Oh, and cool pics about Dolls Turned Into Masterpieces. Also, Dolls Turned Into Masterpieces photos.

I really want to try and make something like this on a smaller scale

Amazing Sculptures Made From Buttons on Strings

Self-Portrait Inspired by Chuck Close: much easier colored pencil version of what I already do with 8th graders...might be a good confidence builder! Color/shape/line

Materials: - x Paper - Colored Pencils - Pencils - Student Photographs - Rulers - Sharpies - Chuck Close References

Sellotape sculpture

WOW this is made of packing tape! In The Rain sculpture for Scotch(R) Off The Roll Tape Sculpture Contest - 2012 cool contemporary public street art

Used Flip Flops - interesting.  i'm pretty anti-flip flops but i can think of a lot of other items that you could do this with

Flip Flop Wings - What an awesome idea for using old flip flops! I'm sure a lot of people have old flip flops they don't use anymore that they could donate. We can have them write on the flip flops a place they've walked/travelled to!