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      Mayan astrology : Haab calendar divided into 19 zodiac signs

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      Mayan Astrology Signs: Haab Calendar, get a free psychic reading here

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    What is a calendar? A calendar is the absolute dead center of any civilization. Everything in that civilization revolves around its calendar. Due dates, bill dates, when you're supposed to be at work, how old you are. All of these things are relative to the calendar. Including the evaluation of your performance. How many widgets can you produce by Wednesday? That's how valuable you are. It's all related to the calendar.

    The signs of jaab' solar calendar. Similar to other Mesoamerican cultures, the Maya employed a 365-day solar calendar (jaab'). The jaab' is divided into 18 "months" of 20 days, plus 5 "unlucky" days at the end called wayeb'.

    Mayan calendar stone. 12/21/2012 is the end but with a new beginning. According to "those who know", the new will bring a new consciousness from a spiritual basis. The world will not end, but possibly peoples of all continents will look to religion and spirituality positively. My opinion is that I hope the Mayan calendar brings people together for peaceful solutions to the preservation of man and that we all look to our religious beliefs for the betterment of mankind.

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    A representation of the Mayan calendar. It's probably not what you were thinking.

    3114 BC, August 13 - Start of the Mayan calendar. The Mayans had 20 days in their month starting with day 0 and ending with day 19. They understood zero not only as a place holder, but as a true counting number.

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