If I could be anything in this world, I'd wish to be a dancer, a GREAT dancer. I wish I was able to do amazing things with my body and to express my feelings through motion. Dance is everything. Dance is it all

this is dumb and amazing (and I mean dumb in a I'm jealous this is totally awesome way)

She must really need to sprint fast to get where she's going on time. View "Girl Stretching on the Train" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

I love Ballet.

Misty Copeland achieved her goal of being named the first black principal with the American Ballet Theatre (ABT)

I love flamenco. One day I am going to Spain to learn it.  Google Image Result for

Via Lois Greenfield Photography : Dance Photography : Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana, Antonio Hidalgo

.pointe shoes.

The moon as you've never seen it before: 40 romantic, amazing and inspiring photos

Pointe shoes that bend just right Takes a lot of hard work, and bloody,broken toes to get that bend in the point shoe! I have really wanted to take ballet classes, to work up to Pointe, but my parents won't pay.


once a dancer. always a dancer. Want to get a picture of my girl like this with her converse ~ great for senior pictures

Audrey Hepburn practicing ballet

audrey at the barre. Audrey, such an inspiration not jsut because she dances.she sings, acts, and she's a wonderful person. She wasn't as much of a sex symbol like Marilyn Monroe either, I think Audrey derserves to be remembered just as well.

Pointe shoes

Kara Hanretty of Ballet Arizona. oh how wish to be a ballet dancer! How beautiful!