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  • A~

    Remember running down the hall after class let out when you were a kid? Wasn't that a grand feeling? And you weren't even trying to run. You weren't thinking about running. Heck, you got in trouble for doing it. But it felt so right.

  • Christina Hearth

    Anyone can become a runner!

  • Shannon Lyons

    Bill Rogers running quote..

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Heehee. I can only hope that one day I'll be completely crazy. ;o)

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Exactly I tell them it's only 4 miles it's easy and we will take off the hills I get the funniest looks Xc

this is true of all sadhana/saddhana. Well put (this poster is about running (i.e. background stock) with the quote taken from a 1992 movie about baseball) (yet it does hold true for all sadhana/saddhana)

We may not have the best form, but at least we're out there. If you're a proud runner, we've got the perfect tees and tanks for you...even if you are "seductively awkward."

Some day, I will do a marathon. That is my lifetime running goal for now: finish a marathon.

I don't run because I love the feeling of running. I run because it makes me love the feeling of living.