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I did this in both of my classrooms: Electrical tape is a very inexpensive way to put a giant music staff on the wall. I start with only two lines for some simple Mi-Sol-La melodies and add more lines throughout the year. I also start with simple iconic representation for rhythms. As students become more confident in their pitch and reading, icons are exchanged for actual notes and sight singing is made easy, even for kindergarteners.

Bulletin Board Decoration for Art Class. Using a variety of Smart-Fab colors to create this unique Art and Music Display. Purple bunting on the ceiling just added dimension to this elementary grade school bulletin board decoration.

Sing or Dare? Awesome game (and bulletin board idea) for elementary general music/choir. Student chooses either "sing" or "dare" and then choose an action card. "Sing" cards have them sing a tonal pattern, sightsing a passage, etc. "Dare" cards have them do silly things or answer a music question. Kids LOVE it, and the actions can be changed to cater to each classroom/student.