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Platinum Blonde Bob with Pastel Purple/PInk Tips - Marie Claire Australia June 2012

18 Inch Wavy Lace Front Blue Top Quality High Heated Fiber Ombre Wigs

Blonde Blue Ombre Hair Extensions,it is easy to dye color on white blonde hair.if you don't like to dye your own hair you can wear clip ins.

Gray hair, granny hair, silver hair, pastel hair. Dark gray ombre hair with color blue, pink and purple. More inspirations on your 2015 summer hairstyles

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Cara Delavigne

Becoming A Silver Fox

Cara with lilac grey hair. *Pantone Lilac Grey *This board has no correspondence with Pantone Trademark. *This board has no correspondence with Cara Delevine.

pink tint. by queen

This light shade hovers between pink and lavender, which is another beautiful color to do. I like that this model sports a bit of an Ombre look here - with the pink at its deepest color at the roots, moving to pure platinum blonde at the ends

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Love the soft color - Antique rose colored. If I recall correctly, it is a soft summer color.

Charlotte Free

Breathtaking Fall Wedding Trends

Oh wow, her hair looks extravagantly healthy and eye-catchy. Unicorn hair ombre pink on blonde hair

Are you inspired by the “mermaid hair” trend? This look normally involved shades of blue, purple, and green intertwined in color melts throughout your hair to give an ethereal mermaid of the sea fe.

#platinium Bob Hair cut

This super-glossy and refined medium Platinum Bob hair style is a long-term beauty investment. Flaunt the silky and shiny texture of your locks using some shine serum. In order to keep the Bob in top shape use a round brush when styling.

OMG!!! I freaking love this!!!! Magenta Hair

Todays hair color: Magenta or fuchsia hair with matching eyebrows. Really great intense color. Rich purple to pink/red, but super saturated in color. Probably works best for darker haired people.

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Purple hair is fun and interesting. Discover how to dye hair purple and stand out from the crowd with this vibrant color.