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  • Amanda Hardin

    Christmas ornament craft! Use up all those random puzzle pieces!

  • Madison Garver

    Snowflake ornament made from dollar store puzzle pieces -- easily turn them into a flower by adding a popsicle stick/paper leaves --> do their names on a paper terra cotta pot!

  • Kelly Leff

    Puzzle piece ornament. Craft Idea

  • Rebecca Woolsey

    Make a Puzzle Piece Snowflake Ornament... This is Awesome for Autism Christmas crafts

  • Heather Jordan

    Snowflake ornament - Make with a puzzle from the dollar store. Parent gift - picture in middle

  • Glora Mae

    Puzzle piece snowflake ornament. Clever! Great kid's craft

  • Sara Graf

    snowflake ornament craft w/old puzzle pieces?

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Hehehehe, it's peas! I hate split pea soup, but I love this split pea wreath for St. Patty's Day. So it needs a bow of some sort...something really rustic or some other type of embellishment, but damn its cute and peas are dirt cheap!

Combine Smalls to Make Large Bulletin Board, add rod: this dollar store solution was inspired by the Pottery Barn version

tiered bowl using dollar store bowls and candlesticks...brilliant

making colored cake stands with $ store items

Beaded Vase. Measure and cut elastic thread to a length that will encircle glass, plus several inches to tie off. Thread first group of beads on elastic thread, test for fit and tie off. Now you can pre-cut a number of pieces of thread and continue threading until vase is completely covered. I want one in pink!

Take a plain wax # candle & turn it into a birthday crafting masterpiece... I'm filing this idea under, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Ornaments (I used 3 packs of 8), $3 Garland (Rope), $1 Large Ornament (to add some pizzazz!), $1 Glue gun and glue sticks, on hand Scissors Bowl or circular shape to use as a guideline for the base or your tree Total: $5

Amanita terrarium! (99.9% certain these are ceramic or hand clay amanitas, but still . . .)

Creepy Halloween Bottles made out of oil & vinegar bottles from the dollar store

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