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#nursing #lol #humor #eCard

#nursing #lol #humor #eCard

Oh my god this is hilarious

haha. Good reminder. :-) God bless all you wonderful nurses out there!

And this photograph of two best friends on a swing. | 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity Is this not so cute

OMG! This is exactly how I feel!!

Yes please.

I can stop pinning at any time.. Said no one ever!

If you know my husband than you know this to be true! His laugh is so joyous and electrifying that you can't help but laugh out loud...even when things are not so funny.



Crying I'm laughing so hard!

hahahahahahah I just died

Sounds about right

Story of my life!

Hahaha, totally true!

Story of my life right here.

Me talking to my hubby

smart cars

this just made my day :)


Shampoo and conditioner

The internet is more fun!

hahah so true