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Home made gumdrops - cute for a kids party?

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Home Made Gummy Candy

Make gummy bears at home! Only 3 ingredients needed! | From

Jen's Favorite Cookiesfrom Jen's Favorite Cookies

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Gelatin 1

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Homemade Gumdrops tutorial


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Homemade Kool-Aid Taffy - Click image to find more popular food drink Pinterest pins

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DIY Rock Candy! Candy and science experiment for the kids in one :) #DIY #tutorial #crafts #kids

Chocolate Chocolate and More!from Chocolate Chocolate and More!

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Homemade Gumdrops-fresher than anything you can buy. Makes a great food gift, adjust the flavors and colors for any occasion


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make your own saltwater taffy! I made this today and it is soo yummy!!! But heads up I ended up with 160 pieces of taffy not the 50 it told me I would get out of this recipe

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Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows, OH MY!

Food52from Food52

Homemade Tootsie Rolls

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Milk Powder

Homemade Tootsie Rolls. We can use powdered goat milk instead of regular powdered milk...

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Rainbow batter cup cakes! Using white cake mix, make batter as directed. Use several plastic (or glass) cups, pouring white batter in them, divide between all cups. Add food coloring to each cup for the colors desired. Mix each cup and then put a little of each color in each muffin cup in small blobs. Then drizzle other colors over the blobs. Bake as directed. I'm so making these!

King Arthur Flourfrom King Arthur Flour

Thousand Dollar Bars

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homemade twix

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strawberries dried in the oven. taste like candy but are healthy & natural. 3 hrs at 210 degrees......might be better than Twizzlers.

Oh Nuts Blogfrom Oh Nuts Blog

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In the realm of knock-off candy recipes, peppermint patties are one of the easiest candies to make. With just a few ingredients, you can make smooth, creamy p

In Katrinas Kitchenfrom In Katrinas Kitchen

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Holiday Candy

Peppermint Bark is composed of two layers of chocolate; one dark one white, that are topped with crushed candy canes. From With Demo Video

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rock candy

Crazy for Crustfrom Crazy for Crust

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Butterfinger Fudge - MUST try this one. The homemade Butterfinger candy bars were such a hit I bet these will be too! :)