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I want nothing more than to pay off my student loan debt so that I can live simply & travel extensively.

Love the separate accounts and paying off small debts first (although I'd go with the higher percentage rates!) I enjoy reading articles/blogs on money saving tips! #savings

  • Tegan Matthews

    The thing with paying off smaller debts first is give you more "successes" sooner. My husband and I paid off over 50k in about 18 months and believe me, it's better to have smaller wins than worry about interest rates! :) Good luck!

Live off of 70% of your paycheck. 10% goes to tithing (to whichever non-profit) 10% goes to wealth/investing account 10% goes to 'debt accelerator' account (add this on when you do your war on debt) 70% is for bills and such.

  • Jumie O.

    The inability to apply the principle of tithing to your personal or business finances is definitely the devil's plan to keep you enslaved to money, and keep you working hard for money instead of having money work for you. The truth is God promises to supply and provide all our needs according to his grace and mercy if we trust him. Have you placed your trust in LOC's and credit cards to meet your day to day needs. Stop deceiving yourself its a poor strategy that will live you broke and bitter.

saving money-these little tips are extremely helpful! Save save save. Conserve conserve conserve!

3 easy tips for saving money on groceries when you don't feel like using coupons.

How we got debt-free in one year. - Peacoats and Plaid - Dave Ramsey

Being debt free is one of the most freeing things you can do, but with the world pushing credit and debt down your throat every chance they get, how DO you live a life free of debt? My personal story and what principles I learned to start living a debt free life. How to Live Debt-Free in a Debt-Filled World

Paying off debt – FREE workbook!! Shared by Multitaskingmaven... #multitaskingmaven

  • Libby Inglett

    Oh, my! Thank the Lord none of my husband's student loans would be never ending but his little credit card would be! We are committing to pay off all student loans, both vehicles and his credit card in less than 3 years!

10 Books to Help You Get Your Financial Act Together & Become Debt Free :: Are you seeking to begin your journey to become debt-free? This list of books will help give you the knowledge, inspiriation, and know-how to get you there! :: Today's Frugal Mom™

Save all of your pocket change and deposit it on the first day of the month into your emergency fund!