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Comin' goin' runnin' fightin' eatin' keepin' and many others.

Texans are born this way. I don't think my son has ever used the letter g on the end of a word.

Wait, I thought that's how everyone pronounces it.

Ok it isn't really Nardy but I don't have a board for Texan. LOL I was raised by a Texan. Of COURSE it's puh-con, because who wants to eat a PEE can?

So true! Amen!

I live in NYC and I said bless your heart to a coworker. Most laughed, the one other southern looked at me like I said "f*ck you". In southern. she knew.

You know you're a Texan when...  "The stars at night, are big and bright..." is followed by a chorus of everyone in the general vicinity

(clap clap clap clap) Deep in the heart of Texas! The sage in bloom is like perfume, Deep in the heart of Texas!