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"REALLY all this photo shows me is 1-his mommy drank a lot of wine 2-she never got those Pinterest wine cork projects done".-Amber =) what this pin is really about...3 of 10 fine motor skills for babies and toddlers-

Simple to set up and great for fine motor control in babies and toddlers, this activity can be made as complicated as you or your child wishes. Great fun and educational.

Visual tracking activities are so important because they exercise skills used for reading

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Activities for 18 to 24 Months toddlers, a great collection of home made activities and other suggestions.

planning a sensory diet for toddlers and preschoolers

neonatal reflexes | Table Assessment of Infant Reflexes

Retained Neonatal (Primitive) Reflexes

Infantile reflexes are tested and observed by medical professionals to evaluate neurological function and development. Absent or abnormal reflexes in an infant, persistence of a reflex past the age where the reflex is normally lost, or redevelopment of an infantile reflex in an older child or adult may suggest significant central nervous system, nerve trunk, or peripheral nerve problems. From the NIH