Tutorial: Stamped jewelry using {cheap!} washers. I already have a letter stamp set. Hmmmm?

Tutorial on how to create stamped washer jewelery.

Mod Podge Washer Necklace with Enviro Tex -- great inexpensive gifts!

These baubles have the look of glass enamel but are easily created by painting a metal washer with nail polish. Start with a base coat of white or yellow. Add colors, letting each coat dry before painting on top of it. Top the finished design with a protective coat of clear polish.

Stamped Washer Necklace

metal-stamping-tools-materials-and-tools. Pretty much know all this already, but I easily forget things when I don't do them regularly.

Washer anklets - So fun making these with friends on Friday night! :)

Daisy Lu Designs stamped jewelry

Easy DIY Photo Pendant. Perfect for Mothers Day, Birthdays, Christmas...

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cool heart idea


hand stamped washer necklace

Washer Necklace

Map ornaments from vacations, put the dates on the back. Would be a fun gift idea for the 'traveler'


Mickey Necklace - washers and shoe nail polish

Personalized Metal Stamped Washer Necklace in Green

eBay for $9.99 plus shipping

Thought Blossoms - Family Washer Necklace

Year you met, married, baby was born. Combine with washer necklace pin.