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  • Becky Bartlett

    Create a picture of a character out of lyrics from a song they sing or quotes from a book

  • Kitty Edwards-Coursey

    Wicked lyrics in the shape of Elphaba. The green lyrics are Defying Gravity.

  • Victoria Cagan

    Inspiration :: An art project by ItalicizedKurt. The words are lyrics of some of the songs from Wicked, & the green face is Defying Gravity. #art #journal. I LOVED Wicked on Broadway - it was wonderful (as is the book).

  • Anna Wells

    Elphaba - Song lyrics from Defying Gravity- awesome!

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♥ the musical Wicked - couldn't get through more than a few chapters of the book...

Marcie Dodd. I am honored to call this very talented actress and singer a friend. She is a freaking rock star, and she is missed in the world of Wicked very much.

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You're gonna be popular! I'll teach you the proper ploys When you talk to boys Little ways to flirt and flounce I'll show you what shoes to wear How to fix your hair Everything that really counts

I like the idea of song lyrics on my mugs.

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