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Winkin' Blinkin' and Nod

Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod

❤ The Land of Nod ~ Winkin Blinkin Nod

Wynken Blynken and Nod

Wynken, Blynken & Nod

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod storybook- one of my favorite childhood books.

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

Wynken, Blynken and Nod

Wynken Blynken and Nod (page 3)

Calligraphy- Wynken Blynken and Nod

Metropolitan Museum of Art Violin, 1693 Made by Antonio Stradivari (Italian, 1644–1737) Cremona, Italy This violin made by Antonio Stradivari is the only one in existence that has been restored to its original Baroque form. Before modification to produce a louder, more brilliant tone and to extend the left-hand technique to higher positions, Baroque violins had gut strings, a short fingerboard, and a nec...

Bob Dylan plays on the back of the SNCC office in Greenwood, Mississippi, 1963

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Stradivarius ‘Ole Bull’ Violin (by MorningThief581)

Hee hee. True story. I'm the mom of two amazing kids with behavioral disorders. They are little shits. ;)

The Barber of Seville-- We're playing the Overture!!

"George Jones, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Patsy Cline, etc..." <-previous non band geek pinner. me- Beethoven, Bach, Percy Grainger...