Lifesavers Sweet Story Book- I got one of these every year in my stocking.

Nancy Drew series

Pot Holders

I played on one like this for YEARS! Same color, too.

for the Christmas tree

Always got the Lifesavers book for Christmas - sadly, all those great flavors aren't in the books anymore..

This was my absolute favorite perfume when I was 14. It is a classic and I always get compliments even today when I wear it.

1971 Sears Christmas Catalog P228 by Wishbook, via Flickr

Tiny joke book- it was a Cracker Jacks prize

Put Me in the Zoo. A classic that still entertains.

1977 For The Love of Benji

I loved Bookmobile day at school!

Lik-m-aid Fun Dip

candy I loved... years ago!


Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

I always felt so validated when I got a sticker on my paper! Scratch n sniff was the epitome of achievement.

Autograph Books!

Give War Bonds: The Present with a Future. 1942. $15.00 #christmas #tree #vintage.