Lifesavers Sweet Story Book- I got one of these every year in my stocking.

1976 book. My grandmother used to read this book to me. Rest in peace, Grandma. Your memory is still with me.

I got these every year at Christmas

Nancy Drew series

Tiny joke book- it was a Cracker Jacks prize

1977 For The Love of Benji

Lik-m-aid Fun Dip

These would surface around the holidays, then they would all stick to the bottom of the candy dish..

1971 Sears Christmas Catalog P228 by Wishbook, via Flickr

Messy Marvin! .... he also played Ralphie in A Christmas Story.

Christmas Candy..

Book covers

Looking up phone numbers in a book.

Sweet Valley Twins Books

I always felt so validated when I got a sticker on my paper! Scratch n sniff was the epitome of achievement.

Every Christmas morning, These were in our stockings


My favorite book! I still think about this book!!

I loved this book!

Sears Christmas "Wish" Book

1970's Hickory Farms Store Front~ Real busy @ Christmastime