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  • Petra Simms

    Drip nail art! Use the folded end of a bobby pin to drop the colour and drag it to the end of the nail. So easy and cute!

  • Cieara Kirstein

    cute nail art | cute and easy nail designs for short nails Cute Nail Designs For Short ...

  • Candy Apple

    Paint Splatter Nail Art. You use bobby pins for this, and then drag them.

  • Yanisha Simpson

    Lava Lamp Nail Art - use bobby pins and drag the color....

  • Caitlin O`Shea

    Cute nail ideas

  • Mary Roleke

    Paint nails Marcela F. "using the tip of a bobby pin as a dotting tool. first I make some random dots where I want the "dripping" to go, than I drag the color to the tip of the nail it's pretty easy, actually! "

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Lynnderella nail polish. This is the brand I was telling you about Wendy Frausto

using the tip of a bobby pin as a dotting tool, first make some random dots where the "dripping" will go, then drag the color to the tip of the nail

How-To: Splatter Nails. I do this but probably not with the tape, just use nail polish remover to take the nail polish that got on he skin.

i really want to try this! take a shot glass or cup of warm/room temp water, add large drop of each polish you want (the polish should float to the top), swirl with a toothpick or something like it. when it looks like what you want dip each nail through the water. Tip: scotch tape around edge of nail protects finger from polish

gray, white, sparkle tone on tone polka dots are fun but discreet for wedding day nails. TOES!

Dark French -- I almost did this with black and white the other day, but wasn't sure how it would turn out. I'll definitely try it now! Now to go buy dark gray and pearl pink...

TOOLS: base & top coat, green polish & red polish (you can use any colors you want), white or off-white polish, cuticle nippers or small scissors, black cotton string, a small brush or pointed q-tip.

DIY Caviar Manicure - I am so going to do this.

STEP BY STEP VISUAL TUTORIAL and unlike the original image I used, it doesn't have the website name of the photographer on each image. Was unsure how that stamp would effect the post.

Cool look, and super simple to do...minus the jewel things.

R u kidding me? I've been doing this all wrong the whole time. :) It's funny how one simple trick can make one feel sooo humbled...